Oteando desde Getxo

Oteando desde Getxo
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miércoles, octubre 18, 2006

Ship desing

My last two entries in this Blog refer to shipbuilding, more or less, what reminds me that a few years ago I and two friends / colleagues, Ricardo Alvariño and Manuel Meizoso, all the 3 naval architects, wrote a book about ship desing, titled "The basic design of merchant ships", edited and sponsored by The Association of Naval Architects, of Spain.

In the WEB page of this Association there is a list of all books published therein and referring to our book you can read: "This book develops the basic concepts of the initial design of a merchant ship, in which the designer defines the dimensions and basic characteristics of the ship that guarantee that the goals defined by her owner will be reached, such as deadweight, cargo capacity, number of containers, speed, etc."

Accompanying the book it is delivered the computer program ARQNAVAL that allows to make approximate calculations, suitable for the initial phase of the preliminary project of a ship, according to the following index:

* Tonnage
* Stability of the intact ship
* Hull forms and coefficients
* Freeboard
* Maneuverability
* Weight and c. of gravity of the lightship
* Resistance and propulsion
* Volume of cargo spaces and tanks
* Preliminary dimensioning of several ship types
* Dimensioning of oil tankers

This program is presented in English and Spanish versions, was written for the DOS operating system and it is now in programming phase a version for Windows.

You can access the site of The Association of Naval Architects , where more information about the subject book and others published can be found.

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